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My name is Daria Linkova


I am a professional doula in Barcelona, member of the Spanish Doula Organization,

Leader of the childbirth preparation course,

Certified Breastfeeding, Infant Sleep coach and Complementary Feeding Consultant

I speak Spanish, English and Russian.

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My services

Professional assistance and individual approach

Мать и ребенок
A doula gives a massage to a pregnant woman

Pregnancy and Childbirth

Organization and support of childbirth in Spain.

Prepare for a safe birth wherever you are.

Woman holding baby

After childbirth

Help in organizing the postpartum period. Postpartum care. Live-in doula. I will help you comfortably adapt to your new life.


Mom breastfeeds


Establishing breastfeeding from the first attachment.

When it is painful to feed, there is not enough milk, lactostasis or when weaning is planned.

Help online and in person.

Baby is sleeping

Baby's sleep

Establishing babie's sleep from the first days of life. Frequent waking up at night, lack of routine, night wakefulness, sleeping only in your arms, long bedtimes are the most common sleep difficulties that I will help you cope with.

Child eats complementary foods

BLW school

The baby has grown up, the time for complementary feeding is approaching, and many questions have arisen: when to start, how much and how to give? Puree or BLW? What if he chokes?

Or maybe you already have difficulties with baby food: eats little, is selective in food?

I work to make your motherhood comfortable and relaxing

More than 500 parents

They took a course or worked with me personally, chose me as a doula for their birth or entrusted me to help with the baby in the postpartum period

Babies and yoga


I have been working in the field of maternity support since 2019 and have extensive practical experience in both group and individual work


Online consultations, training at a complementary feeding school, preparation for childbirth and personal support from anywhere in the world. Face-to-face escort Barcelona or throughout Spain


Regular publications on social media networks of the most modern and evidence-based information, a lot of free materials for preparing for childbirth and the postpartum period


Daughter Kisses Pregnant Mom

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