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If you feel more comfortable with someone understanding, knowledgeable about the process, and capable of providing psychological support, then a doula is exactly who you're looking for. It's continuous support during childbirth. Providing the right words of encouragement at the right moment, the ability to look at the situation from a different perspective, and making conscious decisions during labor. I'll help you discover your inner resources, provide a relaxing massage, support the future father, and surround your family with care and attention.

Preparation for childbirth

Prenatal Consultation (online) - 70 euros

Duration: 1.5 hours.


For whom?


  • You want to understand the childbirth process, know what to expect, and understand the specifics of childbirth in Spain.

  • You want to give birth naturally and possibly without intervention and anesthesia, but you're unsure how to achieve this and want to alleviate fear.

  • You want to discuss the birthing location, how to choose a maternity hospital, find suitable doctors, and the necessary support during childbirth.

  • You want to prepare a birth plan, learn what needs to be prepared for childbirth and the birth of the baby.

  • You want to discuss infant feeding after childbirth, how to avoid breastfeeding difficulties, and how to establish the baby's sleep routine for everyone's comfort.

Individual childbirth preparation (in-person in Barcelona and suburbs) - 150 euros

Duration: 3 hours.


During the meeting, you will learn about the physiology of childbirth, why it's important to wait for the natural onset of labor, learn proper breathing techniques, relaxation techniques, and how to listen to your body. You will also learn self-pain relief techniques. Roles of the doctor and midwife during childbirth. Signs of labor onset. What happens in a woman's body during contractions (3 stages of labor). Behavioral techniques: breathing, relaxation, positions, self-pain relief techniques. The influence of support persons on the course of labor. How a partner or midwife can help during contractions. Possible interventions during childbirth: indications, timeliness, safety, alternatives. Medication pain relief methods (indications, contraindications, side effects). Cesarean section. Upon your request, we can conduct several practices to help prepare for childbirth, better understand your desires and needs.


Labor support (Barcelona) - 800 euros

Introductory meeting (online) (30 minutes)

Two meetings before childbirth. Duration: 2-3 hours. Can be held at your home or at a cafe.


What will we discuss?


We'll discuss everything that's important to you in childbirth; what you would like; what you would like to avoid; what you expect from doula support; practical skills (non-medicated pain relief during labor). Massage, movements, positions, breathing; birth plan; answers to your questions.

From 36 weeks, 24 hours, 7 days a week, I will be available for you. You can call, write, ask any questions. The actual childbirth: from the moment you want me to be with you until you are transferred to the postpartum department.

One meeting after childbirth within the first 5 days after discharge. Duration: 2-3 hours.

The opportunity to contact me via WhatsApp during the first month after childbirth for questions about breastfeeding, infant care, and postpartum recovery.


Labor support in other cities in Spain - the cost of the service is calculated upon request.

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