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Remote assistance (via messenger, video/audio communication)

Online lactation consultation - 70 EUR *

When is it needed?

  • First days after birth.

  • Breast engorgement (the breast has become large and painful, and the baby latches poorly).

  • Feeding is painful. We find convenient feeding positions, learn to latch correctly, identify the cause of the pain.

  • Insufficient milk supply. Identify the reason for low milk supply, discuss ways to address the issue, and develop an action plan to gradually increase supply.

  • Engorgement. You will learn how to quickly and effectively manage engorgement and identify its causes to prevent recurrence.

  • Transition from formula to exclusive or partial breastfeeding.

  • Transition from breastfeeding to mixed or artificial feeding.

After the consultation, you will have an additional 10 working days to ask questions about the consultation results if something remains unclear.

Emergency one question consultation - 40 EUR

This is a short consultation where you ask one question, and I provide a quick response that won't take more than 15 minutes of messaging/phone call.

For example: emergency self-help for engorgement, milk supply has just disappeared (it was there yesterday), just gave birth, what to do?

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Home visit. Barcelona and its suburbs.

Consultation on breastfeeding and mixed feeding

Mothers invite a lactation consultant home when there are some problems (painful feeding, beginning lactostasis, little milk, too much milk), and sometimes when they want to make sure that everything is okay.


When you need help:

  • with stagnation of milk (lactostasis) (pain, tightness in the chest for no longer than 12 hours);

  • when it hurts to feed (I’ll teach you how to latch on correctly);
  • It’s not convenient to feed, your back hurts (I’ll help you choose comfortable positions for feeding);

  • want to know about the nutrition of a nursing mother;

  • increase lactation if there is not enough milk;

  • want to get away from overlays;

  • with nipple injury;

  • want to give up pumping;

  • want to switch your child from artificial feeding to breastfeeding.


How does the consultation take place?

I give an algorithm for action in each specific situation. I answer questions, provide reasonable information, and always teach practical techniques: breastfeeding, safe breast emptying techniques: lymphatic drainage massage to relieve swelling and gentle manual pumping.

I stay in touch by phone/internet for 1 week free of charge.

*Please check the price. Depends on the urgency and your location.

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