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Breast refusal

Have you ever heard the term “breast refusal”? This is when a breastfeeding child suddenly or gradually “decides” that the breast is not nice to him. What does it have to do with both one of the breasts and both. It happens that the baby simply refuses to breastfeed, although this is his only source of nutrition.
How does mom feel at this moment? She is in panic and horror! The child doesn't eat! And besides the fact that the child is hungry, he also seems to reject the mother, pushes her away or turns away. This is an unbearably bitter feeling.
Very often, this behavior of the baby ends with the transition to formula. The mother believes that her milk has spoiled, or has suddenly disappeared from her breast completely, and the mother, consulting with experienced mothers - friends who have been in this situation, receives the answer that this is the end of breastfeeding.
In fact, NO baby in his right mind would refuse the breast. Because in nature, giving up breastfeeding would mean death for a child. The baby has no idea that some uncles and aunts came up with the idea of feeding their children dry powder and this will give him the opportunity to survive. Up to 2 years of age, the child retains a physiological need for sucking. He sucks not because he has nothing to do, but because it helps him cope with many difficulties, grow and develop well. A child who is weaned early will compensate for the need for sucking in other ways that do not always please parents.
What does it mean? This only means that behind every such “refusal” there is some reason. There can be many reasons for these and they often differ according to the moment (age) of “refusal” from the breast. For example, a newborn baby may not latch on to the breast due to the structure of the maxillofacial system, and then suitable feeding positions and special massages that the mother can do can come to the rescue. Or a strong desire to pee and poop. There are highly sensitive children who cannot eat calmly when their stomach “rumbles”, and their stomach always begins to rumble when they start to suck.
Sometimes failure occurs around 3 months of age. Very often this is due to age-related changes in behavior. This behavior, which is completely normal for children, begins to scare the mother if she does not know about the reasons and has no idea what to do about it now.
As you can see, there can be many reasons and all of them can be solved with more or less effort. If you are faced with such a problem, then the fastest way to deal with it is a lactation consultant. After all, if your husband suddenly refused to eat and from your breast, would you be worried and rush to see a specialist?

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