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The first 2 hours after birth

The first 2 hours after natural childbirth are called the early postpartum period. After the placenta is expelled, immediate physiological blood loss of up to 500 ml occurs. Physiological means normal. This is the time that you will spend in the delivery room, and doctors will closely monitor your condition and be somewhere nearby.


A healthy baby will be placed on your stomach immediately after birth and there he can spend the next 2 hours. You have the right to ask that the child be examined directly in front of you. It is on the mother’s stomach that the baby will be warm and calm enough to quickly recover after such hard work.

The baby can cry a little, then just lie down for a while to breathe and sneeze. Having rested a little, the child will want to find his mother’s breast - now he is ready to latch on for the first time and try the most valuable nutrition - colostrum. In the first minutes after birth, the baby may not yet be ready to latch onto the breast. He needs time.

After 2 hours, having made sure that everything is fine with you and the baby, you will be transferred to the postpartum ward, where you will spend the next few days.


And during this period, imprinting occurs between mother and baby. Follow the link on Instagram and read more about this extraordinary and very important moment for mother and baby.

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