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Milk crisis of three months

How often have you heard from your family and friends that they fed for up to three months, and then the milk disappeared?

Why is this happening?

After childbirth, as soon as the placenta comes out, the body receives a signal - “a baby has been born and needs to be fed.” The hormone prolactin begins to be produced with enormous force, which will help start lactation.

Breast (a startup) begins to write a program called “Let’s feed the child.” If the program is written correctly and not messed up, then the baby will have milk exactly as much as he and the mother want. If you make mistakes in the program, then after 3 months of work, when the programmer (prolactin) finishes his work and goes on vacation, everything will break. There will be turmoil and with a high probability this startup will fold.

This is exactly what happens. The day milk comes in is the peak of prolactin after childbirth. Milk comes with a supply just in case you have a very hungry baby. If at this moment you organize your breastfeeding correctly (you will feed at the child’s request and as much as he wants, and not as much as you or someone else expects from him), then there will be no problems.

If you supplement with formula, water and a pacifier, then at 3 months you will join the ranks of “non-dairy mothers”. 3 months is the moment when prolactin levels will drop significantly and all feeding will now depend only on how your breastfeeding is organized. How often do you feed, how do you apply it correctly, and do you feed at night.


This is where the saying “I started for health, but ended for peace” does not work. Here, if you started correctly, then your health will definitely be ensured.

Молочный кризис 3 месяцев: Текст
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